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I am one of the worlds leading Drag Flick specialists coaches. I have been working as a specialist Drag Flick coach with members of the Australian National team for a number of years. I have developed my coaching of the skill to be delivered online. Using some of the latests coaching tools and apps, I analyse videos of individuals drag flicking and deliver specific one on one coaching for improving their drag flicking technique. If your serious about developing your skill as a drag flicker, now you can get one on one coaching from the best in the world delivered right to your phone. I does not get any easier than this to be personally coached by one of the best in the world. (Below is a sample of a coaching video)





This option is for the those of you who are serious, committed to improving their Drag Flicking and targeting this skill with a focus on technical improvements and getting results quickly. Here Luke will go through the same coaching and analysis he does with international player and like that in the sliver option. The difference and advantage with this option is you aim to repeat the process again within 2-3weeks of your first session with Luke. Thus allowing you to iron out any bad habits that may have formed after your first coaching session and changes you have made to your Drag Flicking.

Price: $250 AUD
Price: $180 USD
Price: £125 (Pounds)



This option is where you start to get serious, maybe you watched a few videos online and possibly even got some tips off a few people and coaches about drag flicking and you think your doing alright. Have you had a specialist or a top coach record your flicking, play it back to you with coaching tips on ways to change position and drills to do to improve your technique? Luke will do this for you, one on one! Luke will give you specific instructions on the videos to send him, he will review and analyse them and add coaching tips and instructions to them. He will then send them back to you and have a one on one live Skype coaching call with you to go over the video in detail. On this call he will go over the videos with you and give explanations and on the specific things you can do to improve your drag flicking and answer any questions to make sure you understand.

Price: $150 AUD
Price: $110 USD
Price: £75 (Pounds)



Learn the basics directly from Luke, the bronze option is a complete step by step set of coaching videos by Luke teaching you the basics and the key elements of the skill. Luke will break the skill down into sections ways to practise the key parts and then bring it all together into one fluid Drag Flick. If you want to get started and learn the basics correctly about how to Drag Flick from one of the leading specialist coaches in the world this is where you start.



New Bronze Online Coaching Product Coming Soon




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