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This option is where you start to get serious, maybe you watched a few videos online and possibly even got some tips off a few people and coaches about drag flicking and you think your doing alright. Have you had a specialist or a top coach record your flicking, play it back to you with coaching tips on ways to change position and drills to do to improve your technique? Luke will do this for you, one on one! Luke will give you specific instructions on the videos to send him, he will review and analyse them and add coaching tips and instructions to them. He will then send them back to you and have a one on one live Skype coaching call with you to go over the video in detail. On this call he will go over the videos with you and give explanations and on the specific things you can do to improve your drag flicking and answer any questions to make sure you understand.

Price: $150 (Australian Dollars)


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